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Pineapple Carnitas at Cult Taco in Monterey

By Jessica Willis

“California cuisine through a Oaxacan lens.” – Chef Michelle Estigoy Welcome to Cult Taco in historic downtown Monterey, California! Please step up to the touchscreen to place your order. What are you in the mood for – tacos? An Ensalada? A Torta? We’ve got your homemade chips and salsa right here. You look like you…

Pineapple – Jack O’ Lantern at Night

By Jessica Willis

Look at this cutie! He’s channeling David Bowie with this bling-y war paint and fire in his eyes.

The Colorful Country of Guatemala

By Jessica Willis

I’ve only been out of the United States a handful of times – Fiji, Mexico, Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland (well, the airport) – but by far, Guatemala was the most colorful country I’ve visited. Every tourist market was filled with gorgeously ornate hand-woven blankets, purses, clothing, and dolls. Exotic animals, like macaw parrots and…

Pineapple – Striped Jar and Floral Box

By Jessica Willis

Sometimes, you need your storage to be pretty and say nice things to you, like this striped jar and keepsake box.


Jessica Willis My childhood was a little different. Most kids grow up in the same place, with the same friends since kindergarten, finally venturing out into unknown lands in their early twenties when they realize going to Orlando for spring break hasn’t made them a world traveler. Not me. You see, my house moved. Every…

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