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Jessica Willis: After a long day of taking photos on day trips around California with my husband Brandon, I love eating sushi and Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and surrounding myself with all things pineapple. Just take a look at my collection!


NightLife – California Academy of Sciences

Our mission is to explore, explain, and sustain life on earth. ( Strolling through Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, you’ll recognize the typical neighborhood…


Pineapple – Fat Tumbler Mug

I love the color yellow so much. Most of my accessories are gold or yellow, including accents in the background of my pineapple photos, like…


In-N-Out Burger – A California Icon

Yes, this is a blog post about a fast food restaurant. No, this isn’t just any fast food place. It’s In-N-Out Burger! I love all…


Pineapple – Gold Cactus Frame

I was fortunate enough to find this beautiful metallic gold frame with the pineapple artwork already inside. You’re coming to my house, pineapple art! You’re…


Mt. Hermon Christian Retreat Center

Situated among the ancient redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains, Mount Hermon has served as a peaceful retreat for more than 100 years. Anyone and…


Pineapple – Stationery and Pen

I’m a sucker for beautiful stationery. Collecting blank note cards is my number one hobby, right behind pineapples, which is why I couldn’t resist these…

Tasty Tapas at Prova California Table

“Prova” – Italian word meaning “to try” or “to taste” ( From the same Michelin star chef who brought you elevated Mediterranean soul food cuisine at…


Pineapple – Jewelry and Ceramic Bowls

Can you spot all the pineapples in this hide and seek scene? I’ll give you a hint – the ceramic bowls are from Marshalls. There…


Take the Jelly Belly Factory Tour

Welcome to the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, California! On this self-guided tour, you’ll learn all about Jelly Belly’s four-generation candy-making history, the company’s love…


Pineapple – Pajamas with Sunnies

Nothing like a breezy summer evening in these fabulous pineapple pajamas from Target! Love how active these little guys are with their different hobbies –…

Vertigo Coffee Roasters – Local Delight

As residents of San Juan Bautista, we’re often asked “Do you like living in a small town? Isn’t it quiet and uneventful? What do you…


Pineapple – Wedding Hairpiece

I wore this in my hair on my wedding day – the hairpiece, not the gold pineapple candle. Beautiful, right?