Pineapple – Bunting Banner

By Jessica Willis | September 10, 2018

Everyone loves a colorful bunting banner – especially if it’s made of pineapples! We found this shimmering delight in Amsterdam last summer.


Pineapple – Fat Tumbler Mug

By Jessica Willis | September 2, 2018

I love the color yellow so much. Most of my accessories are gold or yellow, including accents in the background of my pineapple photos, like these daisies in Monterey, California. This wonderfully fat pineapple cup with lid is from Walmart. It’s a more practical shape than some other pineapple tumblers, which don’t hold as much…


Pineapple – Gold Cactus Frame

By Jessica Willis | August 21, 2018

I was fortunate enough to find this beautiful metallic gold frame with the pineapple artwork already inside. You’re coming to my house, pineapple art! You’re a placeholder no more! Frame from Marshalls.


Pineapple – Stationery and Pen

By Jessica Willis | August 5, 2018

I’m a sucker for beautiful stationery. Collecting blank note cards is my number one hobby, right behind pineapples, which is why I couldn’t resist these sparkly pineapple die-cut missives from Target.


Pineapple – Jewelry and Ceramic Bowls

By Jessica Willis | July 30, 2018

Can you spot all the pineapples in this hide and seek scene? I’ll give you a hint – the ceramic bowls are from Marshalls. There are at least 5 different pineapple baubles, most of which I can wear.


Pineapple – Pajamas with Sunnies

By Jessica Willis | July 18, 2018

Nothing like a breezy summer evening in these fabulous pineapple pajamas from Target! Love how active these little guys are with their different hobbies – listening to music, eating ice cream, being generally cool, etc.


Pineapple – Yellow Succulent Planter

By Jessica Willis | July 4, 2018

Succulents. Nothing grows better in this sunny California weather. Yellow pineapple planter from Target. Faux cactus figurine from Marshalls.


Pineapple – Garage Sale Candle

By Jessica Willis | June 20, 2018

Somehow, I can’t remember ever trying fresh pineapple before high school. But once I did – oh buddy. The beautiful color. That sweet tang. The juicy versatility – drinks, pizza, candy, perfume. I was smitten. But it wasn’t until I was given this yard sale, hand-me-down pineapple candle that I began noticing pineapples and their…


Pineapple – Yellow Wrist Watch

By Jessica Willis | June 6, 2018

I dressed in yellow specifically for this giant ball pit room at Color Factory in San Francisco, the interactive pop up art exhibit we visited last fall for my birthday. Love how this shot turned out! See more intensely colorful Color Factory photos here.


Pineapple – Outdoor Aloha Pillow

By Jessica Willis | May 23, 2018

We all need a little aloha in our lives, like this soft outdoor pineapple pillow from Marshalls! Let a friendly pineapple welcome guests to your outdoor living space.