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Peacocks and Pit Stops at Casa De Fruta

By Jessica Willis

Anyone roadtripping from the south valley along Pacheco Pass toward I-5 has stopped at Casa de Fruta, the farm stand-turned oasis hidden among the rolling California hills. Home to waving palm trees and colorful blue peacocks, Casa de Fruta was founded back in the early 1900s by a family of orchard farmers who evolved the…

Pineapple – Halloween Costume

By Jessica Willis

I’ve had several pineapple Halloween costumes over the years, but this one confused people the most! “Are you a pumpkin? A palm tree?” NO. Don’t let the homemade headdress confuse you, I’m a pineapple! I even displayed my pineapple enamel pin collection on my sweater to give everyone a hint. Oh well, we’ll see if…

Barbareño – Flavor Stories of Santa Barbara

By Jessica Willis

When the mild California winter finally breaks around Easter, and the sun warms our faces on afternoon walks, we emerge from our cooped up tiny house existence for a celebratory stay-cation in Santa Barbara. It’s not summer yet; not time for long holidays in exotic places far away from home. No, we venture just a few hours…

Pineapple – Handmade Wall Clock

By Jessica Willis

Found this adorable handmade pineapple clock in an art gallery in San Luis Obispo. So tropical!


Jessica Willis My childhood was a little different. Most kids grow up in the same place, with the same friends since kindergarten, finally venturing out into unknown lands in their early twenties when they realize going to Orlando for spring break hasn’t made them a world traveler. Not me. You see, my house moved. Every…

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