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Kayaking Through Jellyfish at the Elkhorn Slough

By Jessica Willis

The Monday of Labor Day weekend seemed like a great time to rent kayaks with my favorite people and glide through the salty waters of the Elkhorn Slough in Moss Landing, California. This protected nature preserve opens up to the Pacific Ocean, meaning all sorts of fascinating wildlife can easily swim their way into the…

Pineapple – Decorative Gold Easel

By Jessica Willis

I found this adorable children’s book about the different regions of California at a shop in Santa Barbara, and display it on a gold pineapple easel. Our sunny state is so large, this book explores our chilly ocean and snowy mountains, dry deserts and lush farmlands, and of course, the famous cities we all know…

Exploring the Danish Village of Solvang

By Jessica Willis

Whenever we road trip to Santa Barbara for a long weekend, it’s customary for us to stop at Solvang along the way – “A little slice of Denmark in Southern California“. This historic Danish village tucked into the Santa Ynez Valley hills 45 minutes north of our destination provides more than just a much-needed pit…

Pineapple – Fancy Earrings

By Jessica Willis

As you can imagine, my pineapple jewelry collection is extensive, but some pieces are more practical than others. I can’t walk around bejeweled with heavy necklaces and bracelets on most days, but simple, classy pineapple earrings like these are always easy to throw on and match anything I wear.


Jessica Willis My childhood was a little different. Most kids grow up in the same place, with the same friends since kindergarten, finally venturing out into unknown lands in their early twenties when they realize going to Orlando for spring break hasn’t made them a world traveler. Not me. You see, my house moved. Every…


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