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Pineapple – Halloween Costume

I’ve had several pineapple Halloween costumes over the years, but this one confused people the most! “Are you a pumpkin? A palm tree?” NO. Don’t…


Pineapple – Handmade Wall Clock

Found this adorable handmade pineapple clock in an art gallery in San Luis Obispo. So tropical!


Pineapple – Christmas Tree Ornaments

We keep our Christmas tree pretty simple – a few sparkly golden balls, some glitter-covered gem and snowflake shapes, and of course, pineapple ornaments. How…


Pineapple – Jack O’ Lantern at Night

Look at this cutie! He’s channeling David Bowie with this bling-y war paint and fire in his eyes.


Tour Our Adorable Pineapple Cottage

At some point, I started collecting pineapples and never stopped. What you’re about to witness is only a FRACTION of the pineapple things I own,…


Pineapple – Welcome Mat

Shout out to my fabulous mother for fueling my pineapple obsession with this picture-perfect welcome mat. Despite all our traveling, it’s always a relief to…


Pineapple – Birthday Card

My sweet coworker gave me this mind-blowing pineapple card for my birthday. Can’t lie – I teared up a little and definitely hugged her. I’ve…


Pineapple – Gold Barrette

Like I said, I love my golden pineapple accents, like this dainty pineapple barrette. Want one for yourself? You can buy it here on Amazon.


Pineapple – Bunting Banner

Everyone loves a colorful bunting banner – especially if it’s made of pineapples! We found this shimmering delight in Amsterdam last summer.


Pineapple – Fat Tumbler Mug

I love the color yellow so much. Most of my accessories are gold or yellow, including accents in the background of my pineapple photos, like…


Pineapple – Gold Cactus Frame

I was fortunate enough to find this beautiful metallic gold frame with the pineapple artwork already inside. You’re coming to my house, pineapple art! You’re…


Pineapple – Stationery and Pen

I’m a sucker for beautiful stationery. Collecting blank note cards is my number one hobby, right behind pineapples, which is why I couldn’t resist these…