Pineapple – My Future Tattoo??


Just kidding, I’ll probably never get a real tattoo, but it’s fun to dream. This tattoo artist, Mambo Tattooer from Italy, is crazy talented. He created this art style he calls “destrutturato” meaning deconstructed, where the colorful background is separated from the wide black outline, ranging from cartoonish to hyper realistic. You can see more…

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Pineapple – Cozy Soy Candle


I wish you could smell this candle, it’s simply heaven with a zesty pineapple splash to keep me warm and energized during this chilly Chicagoland winter.

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Pineapple – Christmas Ornament Tree


This year, I threw out convention and had a very pink Christmas. My lovely collection of large and small pineapple ornaments didn’t make the cut for our main Christmas tree, but I couldn’t leave them in storage! This little white tree, tucked into a corner of our kitchen, was the perfect compromise. Click here to…

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Pineapple – Haunted Enamel Pin Collection


Happy Halloween! I’m celebrating with this spooky jack-o-lantern pin in my pineapple pin collection. I love my pineapple enamel pins. They’re a collection within a collection! Most of these came from Etsy, with a few from Amazon. Do you notice all the little details? Some have faces, some have words. Some are cats, some are…

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Pineapple – Marble Cutting Board


One way I know pineapples will always be in style in some capacity is the popularity of luau parties. Not everyone can go on a Hawaiian vacation, but anyone can have a little luau in their backyard, decorated with colorful pineapple plates and tchotchkes like these. My favorite is this marble and wood pineapple cutting…

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Pineapple – Blown Glass Figurine


This summer, I was obsessed with the Netflix show “Blown Away,” which is three seasons of glass blowing experts creating the most elaborate glass sculptures I’ve ever seen, competing for cash, the title of champion, and a coveted guest artist residency at the Corning Museum of Glass in New York. To celebrate my autumn birthday,…

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Pineapple – Giant Plushies


Can you believe this charming pineapple plushie is two feet wide? Huge! You know what they say, the bigger the plushie, the more love it has to give.

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Pineapple – White Jack-o-Lantern


My love of pineapples and Halloween came together in beautiful harmony this year when I found three dainty pineapple jack-o-lanterns at Home Goods. They even light up! Click here to see the rest of my Halloween decorations this year.

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Pineapple – Yellow Halloween Costume Gals


What’s better than one yellow Halloween costume? FOUR yellow Halloween costumes! My lovely work friends understood the assignment this year and hopped on the yellow train with me as a chicken, banana and flower child hippie. This year, I incorporated my favorite bright yellow jacket from Zara into my outfit.

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