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Pineapple – Decorative Gold Easel

I found this adorable children’s book about the different regions of California at a shop in Santa Barbara, and display it on a gold pineapple…


Pineapple – Fancy Earrings

As you can imagine, my pineapple jewelry collection is extensive, but some pieces are more practical than others. I can’t walk around bejeweled with heavy…


Pineapple – Colorful Gift Bags

Ok, I’ll admit, I bought all these pineapple gift bags because they’re so darn cute, and have no intention of ever giving them away. Besides,…


Pineapple – Wristwatch

This lovely yellow pineapple wristwatch goes with everything I wear, as you can see, because I’m always wearing pineapples!


Pineapple – Jewelry Box

When I finally became tired of shoving my jewelry into plastic baggies while packing for travel near and far, I pulled out this lovely mini…


Pineapple – Halloween Costume

I’ve had several pineapple Halloween costumes over the years, but this one confused people the most! “Are you a pumpkin? A palm tree?” NO. Don’t…


Pineapple – Handmade Wall Clock

Found this adorable handmade pineapple clock in an art gallery in San Luis Obispo. So tropical!


Pineapple – Christmas Tree Ornaments

We keep our Christmas tree pretty simple – a few sparkly golden balls, some glitter-covered gem and snowflake shapes, and of course, pineapple ornaments. How…


Pineapple – Jack O’ Lantern at Night

Look at this cutie! He’s channeling David Bowie with this bling-y war paint and fire in his eyes.


Pineapple – Coconut Pineapple Marshmallows

My favorite flavor from my favorite brand of gourmet marshmallows – Smashmallow! Have you tried them? Other flavors I love – root beer float, toasted…


Pineapple – Striped Jar and Floral Box

Sometimes, you need your storage to be pretty and say nice things to you, like this striped pineapple jar from Target and keepsake box from…


Tour Our Adorable Pineapple Cottage

At some point, I started collecting pineapples and never stopped. What you’re about to witness is only a FRACTION of the pineapple things I own,…