Pineapple – Enriched Sugar Crystals


The mouthwatering taste of pineapple in a sugar form! Perfect for rimming cocktails and adding an extra touch of sweetness to fruit salad and coleslaw. My sweet friend Hallie gave me this sugar for my birthday, purchased from The Spice and Tea Exchange in Valparaiso, IN.

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Pineapple – Tortoise Shell Earrings


I love the tortoise shell pattern on these acetate pineapple earrings. Their neutral color palette makes a great addition to any outfit. You can buy them here, for as long as they last.

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Pineapple – A Real One!


As I say on my Hello page, somehow I can’t remember ever trying fresh pineapple before high school. But once I did – oh buddy. The beautiful color. That sweet tang. The juicy versatility – drinks, pizza, candy, perfume. I was smitten. Thank you to my sister-in-law Phoebe and her gorgeous hands for this fun…

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Pineapple – Sprinkle Donuts


In Chicagoland, Stan’s Donuts reign supreme above Krispy Kreme, with unique flavors like pistachio glaze and birthday cake. A sprinkle of pineapple-shaped sugar completes the perfect breakfast treat!

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Pineapple – Beaded Clutch Purse


Shout out to my awesome former boss Kathy for this GORGEOUS beaded pineapple clutch purse. It came in handy when we drove down to LA for the Durand Jones and the Indications concert last fall, and the venue only allowed tiny purses. This blue beauty perfectly fit my essentials to get through the night. Click…

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Pineapple – Pillow and Blanket


It doesn’t get better than this – snuggling up with a fruit-covered blanket and squishy pineapple pillow for a Saturday movie night, ice cream in hand. This cute smiling friend is from Target.

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Pineapple – Lunar New Year Envelopes


Happy Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year! To celebrate, we headed to San Francisco’s Chinatown district to pick up moon cakes and red money envelopes for our friends and family. In the Eastern tradition, red envelopes like these are gifted to friends and family, especially children, to symbolize good luck and good wishes.…

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