Pineapple – Halloween Pineapple Pizza Costume


Happy Halloween! People have big feelings about whether pineapple pizza is delicious (I think so!) or terrible. Are we rebels? Definitely. Are we the life of the party? Always. Are we glad to have found this very low-effort, comfortable couples costume? You bet. This little Halloween Polaroid party brought to you by pineapple pizza and…

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Pineapple – Sugar Cookies


What’s cuter than a pineapple sugar cookie? One with candy sprinkles rattling inside! The skill level it takes to create something like this is beyond me. Mad respect.

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Pineapple – Irish Crystal Vase


Sweet people are always giving me pineapple things for my collection, like this incredible crystal vase by Godinger Dublin from my friend Denise. The thick, heavy-duty glass is foolproof for someone like me, and the elegant shape compliments any bouquet I put in it.

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Pineapple – Summer Crossbody Bag


Some of my purses have pineapples on them, large and small. But this purse is right on the nose, pineapple shaped and perfectly sized for a Saturday out and about. Click here to see it on Amazon.

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Pineapple – Pickleball Paddles and Mini Golf


Summer of the pineapple returns! I love when the weather warms and the shelves of Target and other stores are filled with pineapple toys and decor once more, like these colorful pickleball paddles and the clever pineapple-inspired mini golf sets below.

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Pineapple – Paper Clips


We all use paper less and less these days, that’s why it’s important to have fun with it when we do. These petite pineapple paper clips make me smile.

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Pineapple – Spinning Wind Catcher


Out and about in Geneva, IL this spring, strolling the sidewalks to window shop the many adorable boutiques, we encountered this large spinning pineapple wind catcher in someone’s yard. Isn’t it gorgeous?! Perfect against the backdrop of their immaculate vintage home.

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