Grilled Octopus and Calamari at Coda di Volpe


My coworkers will be the first to tell you that Brandon and I haven’t quite got the hang of Chicago-style pizza yet. I find deep dish too cheesy and pub-cut too messy. And why, may I ask, add the toppings on the pizza before the cheese?? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Forgive me,…

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Lions Club – Urban Autism Solutions Garden


On the West Side of Chicago, hidden among the tall apartment and office buildings of the Tri-Taylor medical district, lies a small patch of dirt with rows and rows of vegetables. This special plot of soil is the Growing Solutions Farm by Urban Autism Solutions. Lush with greenery and safely fenced in, the garden plays…

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Pineapple – Irish Crystal Vase


Sweet people are always giving me pineapple things for my collection, like this incredible crystal vase by Godinger Dublin from my friend Denise. The thick, heavy-duty glass is foolproof for someone like me, and the elegant shape compliments any bouquet I put in it.

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Cotton Candy Prosecco at Queen Mary Tea Room


After spending a week in Salem, Oregon with family, I boarded a plane in Portland, headed for Chicagoland. But I intentionally booked a seven-hour layover in Seattle on the way home to experience Queen Mary Team Room in the Ravenna neighborhood, north of downtown. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Opened in 1988 by proud owner…

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Pineapple – Summer Crossbody Bag


Some of my purses have pineapples on them, large and small. But this purse is right on the nose, pineapple shaped and perfectly sized for a Saturday out and about. Click here to see it on Amazon.

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Levi Strauss pt 1 – The History of American Jeans


When I married my husband, I didn’t realize how much his Jewish heritage would play a role in our life together. Brandon’s mom is Ashkenazi Jewish on her mother’s side, a fact the family learned late in their history. This discovery transformed the way the family thought about themselves, their traditions, and their relationship with…

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Levi Strauss pt 2 – Retro to Modern Jeans


Welcome back to the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco! Now that you have read about Levi Strauss’s history as it began in San Francisco (click here to read that blog post, if you haven’t yet), your reward is to see all the beautiful and abstract ways these iconic jeans have evolved over the recent…

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Pineapple – Pickleball Paddles and Mini Golf


Summer of the pineapple returns! I love when the weather warms and the shelves of Target and other stores are filled with pineapple toys and decor once more, like these colorful pickleball paddles and the clever pineapple-inspired mini golf sets below.

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Asian Fusion Brunch at Little Goat Diner


See that little goat spinning up there? She’s the one we’re having brunch with. She’s the mascot of Little Goat Diner in the Fulton Market District of West Loop, Chicago, an upscale diner that serves breakfast all day. Our kind of place! Founder Stephanie Izard is well known for being the first female winner of…

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Pineapple – Paper Clips


We all use paper less and less these days, that’s why it’s important to have fun with it when we do. These petite pineapple paper clips make me smile.

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