Pineapple – Striped Jar and Floral Box

By Jessica Willis

Sometimes, you need your storage to be pretty and say nice things to you, like this striped pineapple jar from Target and keepsake box from Marshalls.


Tour Our Adorable Pineapple Cottage

By Jessica Willis

At some point, I started collecting pineapples and never stopped. What you’re about to witness is only a FRACTION of the pineapple things I own, and that Brandon graciously lets me display in our tiny 800 square foot cottage. Welcome to our home! Let’s start in the bedroom – aka “The Pineapple Room”. This is…


Pineapple – Sunglasses and Hard Candy

By Jessica Willis

I found all of these adorable pineapple things – the greeting card, the tasty hard candy, the sunglasses – while on vacation in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Score three for the collection! It’s amazing how they can create such intricate shapes in such tiny pieces of candy. Here’s how they do it!


Pineapple – Welcome Mat

By Jessica Willis

Shout out to my fabulous mother for fueling my pineapple obsession with this picture-perfect welcome mat. Despite all our traveling, it’s always a relief to come home.


Pineapple – Birthday Card

By Jessica Willis

My sweet coworker gave me this mind-blowing pineapple card for my birthday. Can’t lie – I teared up a little and definitely hugged her. I’ve never seen such a beautiful card. Truly a piece of art.


Pineapple – Gold Barrette

By Jessica Willis

Like I said, I love my golden pineapple accents, like this dainty pineapple barrette. Want one for yourself? You can buy it here on Amazon.


Pineapple – Bunting Banner

By Jessica Willis

Everyone loves a colorful bunting banner – especially if it’s made of pineapples! We found this shimmering delight in Amsterdam last summer.


Pineapple – Fat Tumbler Mug

By Jessica Willis

I love the color yellow so much. Most of my accessories are gold or yellow, including accents in the background of my pineapple photos, like these daisies in Monterey, California. This wonderfully fat pineapple cup with lid is from Walmart. It’s a more practical shape than some other pineapple tumblers, which don’t hold as much…


Pineapple – Gold Cactus Frame

By Jessica Willis

I was fortunate enough to find this beautiful metallic gold frame with the pineapple artwork already inside. You’re coming to my house, pineapple art! You’re a placeholder no more! Frame from Marshalls.


Pineapple – Stationery and Pen

By Jessica Willis

I’m a sucker for beautiful stationery. Collecting blank note cards is my number one hobby, right behind pineapples, which is why I couldn’t resist these sparkly pineapple die-cut missives from Target.