Pineapple – Beach Cruiser Bikes

By Jessica Willis

How cute are these complimentary beach cruisers from the StayPineapple Hotel? We didn’t stay there during our honeymoon trip to Seattle, but I still think they’re adorable.


Pineapple – Silver Photo Frame

By Jessica Willis

The prettiest way to display a memory – in a pineapple. Plus, this one kind of looks like dinosaur skin, which is always a plus. Frame from Marshalls. Bright mums and sedum plant courtesy of my flower man.


Pineapple – Yellow Succulent Planter

By Jessica Willis

You’re not a Californian till you show off your succulent collection. We even had succulents as our wedding flowers! Nothing grows better in this sunny California weather. Pineapple pail from Target. Cactus figurine from Marshalls.


Pineapple – Monochrome Purse

By Jessica Willis

Nine West bag from Marshalls. Pineapple key chain from Walmart (yes, Walmart!).


Pineapple – Highball Glass and Izze

By Jessica Willis

Sometimes the best way to enjoy a pineapple drink is straight out of another pineapple. Pineapple highball glass (set of 4) from Marshalls. Sparkling Pineapple Spice soda from Izze brand. Succulent arrangement from The Home Depot. Potting bench from Target.


Pineapple – Vintage Color-Blocking

By Jessica Willis

I bought this amazing watch from Swatch while waiting at the airport for my flight home from Amsterdam. How could I resist that amazing color saturation and homage to 80’s street style?! Paired with my new pineapple marquee sign from Flying Tiger in Amsterdam, and some fun cactus wrapping paper from Marshalls, this watch just…


Pineapple – Makeup Pouch, Gold Accents

By Jessica Willis

You can never have enough gold accessories! Pineapple cloth bag from Zoes Bag Boutique on Etsy. Mustard shoes from Madden Girl. Necklace from H&M.


Pineapple – Ornaments on Olive Trees

By Jessica Willis

A couple of sweet boys from high school gave me this metal pineapple ornament years ago. Our yard in San Juan Bautista is filled with fruit plants we never eat from – olives, pomegranates, walnuts, grapes, pink peppercorn, cactus (nopales and prickly pear).


Pineapple – She Sells Sea Shells

By Jessica Willis

Hand-twisted wire pineapple: from Junior Ruckdeschell. Green sea shell greeting cards: Monterey Bay Aquarium gift shop.


Pineapple – Fiji Sweet Creams

By Jessica Willis

These pineapple-themed sweet cream lotions and potions from Bath and Body Works practically turn ME into a pineapple. Which, of course, I love. And hey! I’ve been to Fiji! Beautiful islands, lovely lotions. Golden pineapple keychain from H&M.