Pineapple – Girly Eyelash Cup

By Jessica Willis

Cutesy things like this make me smile. And my smile gets even bigger when cutesy things are filled with pineapples! These pineapple straws and girly trinket cup are both from Target (obviously my fav place to shop).


Pineapple – Sparkler Disco Cup

By Jessica Willis

What better way to reflect on this Disco Pineapple Sipper Cup from Urban Outfitters than with a little sparkle! Shine bright like a pineapple.

Pineapple – Colorful Macarons

By Jessica Willis

Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows that I love macarons and post about them constantly. With the right batter consistency, macaron makers can pipe these delicate cookies into any cute little shape with satisfying results. Having made these a few times myself, I can tell you that it’s no easy task. Maybe the most…


Pineapple – Golden Book Ends

By Jessica Willis

I’ve seen a variety of pineapple book end options in my favorite stores, but none caught my eye like these solid-metal golden beauties from Target. They’ve literally pulled my bookshelf together and bring me joy every time I look at them. They’re so beautiful, in fact, that placing any old books between them won’t do….