Enjoy Seoul Korean in Vietnam Town

By Jessica Willis

It’s Friday night. You’re looking for a place to simultaneously eat sweet/savory Korean BBQ and watch high-energy K-Pop in a bright, colorful environment. No sense flying to South Korea – just go to Enjoy Seoul! Though Enjoy Seoul is a Korean restaurant, it is located in San Jose’s Vietnam Town – the favored stomping ground of the largest…

Color Factory pops up in San Francisco

By Jessica Willis

I’ll keep this brief because the photos speak for themselves. Founded by the delightfully colorful creators of the Oh Happy Day blog, Color Factory in Union Square, San Francisco, is not like any museum you’ve ever been to. While most museums expect quiet observance of static art, Color Factory throws guests into the role of…

iFly – Skydiving Your Mom Approves Of

By Jessica Willis

Yep, that’s me, smiling like an idiot, floating four feet above the earth on 130 mph winds. All those Peter Pan dreams finally came true! Our indoor skydiving session at the iFly in Union City was an experience I wish we could re-live every day. Indoor skydiving is obviously a zillion-times safer than jumping out of…

Prickly Gardens of Jardines de San Juan

By Jessica Willis

San Juan Bautista, a small town nestled in the golden hills just south of Gilroy, is known for a few things – the historic California mission, the groups of children field-tripping around town, the antique shops in a wild west setting – but even travelers who don’t know anything about San Juan know about Jardines.…

Swedish Vibes in Santa Cruz

By Jessica Willis

A walk through downtown Santa Cruz reveals what you’d expect – hippie-dippie clothing shops, vegan eateries and artisan coffee nooks galore. But unceremoniously nestled at the northern end of downtown lies Agency, a break from the Santa Cruz stereotype. Quietly offering contemporary home goods and northern-European vibes, this feast-for-the-eyes is my window shopping fantasy. The store’s transfixing…

Scaling Foggy Fremont Peak

By Jessica Willis

This is my brother Josh. He’s modeled for my camera for years and is always a good sport about bringing his A-game brooding model face to our photo shoots, even on a chilly mountain top at 6 am. On this Saturday morning, we drove up to Fremont Peak bright and early, hoping to capture a…