Cruising the Mexican Riviera Aboard Norwegian

By Jessica Willis

Surfing through cruise deals online one day in March, we stumbled across an amazing early bird offer from Norwegian Cruise Line – four tickets for the price of two, for a week-long Christmas cruise to the Mexican Riviera, making port in Mazatlán, Cabo San Lucas, and Puerto Vallarta. What a steal! And completely worth the…

The Colorful Country of Guatemala

By Jessica Willis

I’ve only been out of the United States a handful of times – Fiji, Mexico, Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland (well, the airport) – but by far, Guatemala was the most colorful country I’ve visited. Every tourist market was filled with gorgeously ornate hand-woven blankets, purses, clothing, and dolls. Exotic animals, like macaw parrots and…

Guide to Mexican Riviera Cruise Excursions

By Jessica Willis

Look at us – so happy, so sun-kissed. Planning our holiday cruise nine months in advance, we had plenty of time to research and pre-book our excursions, pocketing those sweet sweet discounts along the way. But how could we choose? Wading through beautiful photos of swimming with dolphins, guided city tours, ATV off-road adventures, zip-lining…

Honeymoon in Seattle / Portland (Pt 3)

By Jessica Willis

You’ve made it to the final chapter of our honeymoon story! To recap: one year after the craziest wedding of all time, Brandon and I finally had a chance to go on a proper honeymoon. We chose Seattle and Portland because I’m a little pink person who burns VERY easily in the sun. We thought…

Honeymoon in Seattle / Portland (Pt 2)

By Jessica Willis

Oh good, you’re back for more adventure! Continue on to read Part 2 of our honeymoon #selfietrip to Seattle and Portland. To go back and read Part 1 click here, or skip to Part 3 here. *Disclaimer: This was a #selfietrip. Sometimes when photographers go out into the real world to have real experiences, they…

Honeymoon in Seattle / Portland (Pt 1)

By Jessica Willis

One year after saying “I do,” Brandon and I finally took our official honeymoon – destinations Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Having both separately lived in Washington at some point in our lives, Brandon and I knew this trip would be sprinkled with some fuzzy warm nostalgia, which we willingly leaned into. Upon arrival, we…

NSFW – Body Worlds in Amsterdam

By Jessica Willis

NSFW – NOT SAFE FOR WORK This blog post contains images of human cadavers and various human private parts/genitalia in a museum environment, so if you don’t want to see that stuff, don’t scroll down. Ever wonder what happens to people who proclaim they’re going to “donate their bodies to science”? Well, some of them…

Sanseveria – Keep Calm and Eat A Bagel

By Jessica Willis

Sanseveria Bagelsalon stands for classic bagels and bagels with a twist. What are bagels? Never heard about it?! They are a kind of American ‘sandwich’, richly invested according to our Burgundian lifestyle! We serve you in a unique vintage living room concept. This makes young and old a genius in the ‘Sanseveria‘. – How cute is this place?? At…

Workin’ it in Ensenada Mexico #selfietrip

By Jessica Willis

*Disclaimer: This was a #selfietrip. Sometimes when photographers go out into the real world to have real experiences, they leave their fancy cameras and lenses at home to enjoy the little moments as they happen. This was one of those trips. Feel free to excuse yourself now if you can’t handle looking at two people,…