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Sourcing locally so you can eat seasonally. (

Here’s something to ponder – what business would you start in a corner space with fantastic natural light, but extremely limited square footage? If you’re Sarah Griss, you open Lolla.

Sarah and her brother took over this tiny storefront following a melange of tenants spanning back decades, as everything does in San Juan Bautista – businesses like a telephone switchboard room operated by the ladies in town, then an adorable one-chair hair salon, and then a snack shack serving hot dogs and baked potatoes, to name a few.

Before Lolla opened, and the corner space was bare, I’d often walk by and wonder what fun boutique would pop up next. Let me tell you, I’m so glad Lolla found a home there. This organic soup, salad, and sandwich shop stands by it’s simple motto – sourcing locally so you can eat seasonally. After all, California is the bread basket of America, producing the vast majority of fruits and vegetables that Americans consume daily, so why not delight in all the Central Coast has to offer, grown in fields that we drive by every day?

As someone who works in town and can tire of the same local lunch options, Lolla is a welcome novelty with reliably tasty options and the sweetest shop owners you’ll ever meet.


I love their vibrant red dutch door, which is welcoming for foot traffic, but keeps out the many chickens who roam the streets of San Juan and cockadoodle loudly at all hours of the day. Handwritten typographic logo created by shop owner, Sarah Griss.


A bright, color-coordinated interior instills confidence in newcomers and regulars – the clean colors mirror the clean, organic food for sale.


Watch tourists wander the vintage Western streets of San Juan Bautista while enjoying a locally-sourced BLTG, my personal favorite (Bacon Lettuce Tomato and Garlic Aioli). This tight, practical eating space is so perfect for the minimalist floor plan, and echos the popular tiny house movement.



Fresh, organic, locally-sourced menu that changes with the seasons, like zesty carrot soup and Mediterranean orzo salad.


It’s true, this “Turkey Too Goud.”


From left to right, top to bottom: mixed greens salad, beet/red cabbage/apple salad, Mediterranean orzo salad, and roasted broccoli soup.


Accent vase to match the shop’s back wall.



Go on, take a seat!


Kitty Kat, patron saint of organic sandwiches.




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