My Halloween Decor with 7 Spooky Greeting Cards


Happy Halloween!

I recently embraced the idea that #1, greeting cards make excellent home decor because they are affordable, diverse and easy to store, and #2, I'm allowed to buy greeting cards for myself, why not!

Autumn has always been my favorite season, but since moving to Chicagoland, I've come to realize that Halloween is my favorite holiday, therefore Halloween decor is going to be a big part of my life moving forward, starting with these decorations on our TV stand and kitchen counters. Here, I'll give you a tour. Did you notice the white pineapple jack-o-lantern?


Ninety percent of my halloween decor is from thrift stores like Goodwill. I buy it throughout the year, when great stuff is just sitting there, but no one is in the mood to buy it yet.

That's where I found these amazing little metal tea light candle spiders in two sizes.


I look for cards with extra texture, like the glittery candy corn card on the right, and ones with pop-out dimension, like the ghostly scene on the left.


I found this vintage ceramic haunted house at Goodwill, the perfect addition to my decor. It even lights up!


Don't forget the throw pillows. I'm a sucker for beads and texture. The patterned white rectangle pillow has served me in every season due to its neutral color and design.


My mom taught me this trick for making your whole home look festive and coordinate with a single theme - cover wall frames with wrapping paper!

This particular art frame is very large, nearly 3.5 feet tall, so I taped this charming print onto the center of six mischievous black kittens playing in a jack-o-lantern.


I also used this trick to cover some of my books with Halloween wrapping paper, only leaving ones exposed that matched the color scheme.

Then I strung purple and orange lights around for maximum effect at night. Very spooky after dark.


Here is what the book shelves looked like before I wrapped them. Shout out to my favorite illustrator, Owen Davey, for helping me fill the awkward wall area above our TV with his lovely books. They're each little pieces of art.

Click here to see how I transformed the bookshelves again for my very pink Christmas decor. Hint, it involved a lot of Christmas trees!


More decor I found at Goodwill and styled as creatively as I could.


These tiny black cats are salt and pepper shaker sisters.


Have you noticed that seasonal vintage trees are all the rage? Home Goods has them in every color, for every occasion - Easter, Fourth of July, Saint Patrick's Day, you name it. I couldn't pass up this candy-corn-colored one that says "Happy Halloween."

Click here to see the vintage pink tree that sparked a whole pink Christmas this year!


It's hard to tell, but this tea cloth is covered in pineapple jack-o-lanterns!


Can't forget the pumpkin spice. What is your favorite PS treat? A steamy latte? A piece of pie or cake? What about a scone or donut? I'll take them all.


Garlands on the staircase are an easy way to swap in holiday decor every season. Did you notice the plastic spiders in my flower vase? Spooky!


Come back next year to see how my Halloween decoration collection grows!


Brandon and I hosted a haunted Halloween party in our new home, complete with games, decorations, and scary signature cocktails. Click here to see the photos.