Pineapple – Colorful Macarons


Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows that I love macarons and post about them constantly. With the right batter consistency, macaron makers can pipe these delicate cookies into any cute little shape with satisfying results.

Having made these a few times myself, I can tell you that it’s no easy task. Maybe the most temperamental dessert ever, so many things can and will go wrong when you make macarons.

Stir the batter too much and it will knock all the air out, creating a flat, broken cookie. Bake them on a rainy day and they’ll never dry up properly, leading to hollow shells instead of thick, succulent bites. Pipe them onto the baking sheet impatiently (as I often do) and they’ll end up a large, messy glob of batter with no distinct shape. Sometimes it’s better to leave macaron making to the professionals.

I bought these particular macarons at Costco in Gilroy, sourced from a local bakery chain. But the best macarons I have ever eaten are from Le Macaron on State Street in Santa Barbara. Juicy is not normally a word I use to describe macarons, but my God, those cookies are so moist in the right places and crunchy on the outside – perfection that is only achieved by the authentic French bakers who own the shop. Le Macaron is a must-visit if you love macarons as much as I do.

Learn how to make macarons from one of my favorite bakers, The Scran Line.

This fragrance diffuser pineapple is from Marshalls, and if you look closely, you’ll see the small pouch of fragrance beads inside, smelling of sweet vanilla coconut. Heavenly!


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