Pineapple – Haunted Enamel Pin Collection


Happy Halloween! I'm celebrating with this spooky jack-o-lantern pin in my pineapple pin collection.


I love my pineapple enamel pins. They're a collection within a collection! Most of these came from Etsy, with a few from Amazon.

Do you notice all the little details? Some have faces, some have words. Some are cats, some are ladies. One is a crying cyclops and one is a robot. Some are traditional yellow and green, but some are pink or red. Some are very tiny and two are huge.

Which one is your favorite?


Can you identify all the jungle animals stamped into this elaborate metal pineapple pin?

From top to bottom, I see several lions, chameleons, tigers, zebras, elephants, parrots, monkeys, and maybe koalas? Or bears?