Sunny Family Fun At Boomers!


One thing I love about California is that so much of our entertainment is outdoors, thanks to the perpetually sunny weather. I've seen entertainment complexes like Boomers! before in the Midwest, but usually they're cramped and sweaty because everything is indoors, allowing them to remain open year round. Not Boomers. This place knows how to spread out and embrace the open skies.

We discovered Boomers! while driving by the town of Santa Maria on our way home from a long weekend in Santa Barbara. Seeing the colorful mini golf castles from the highway, Josh and I started screaming, "BOOMERS! BOOMERS! BOOMERS!" until Brandon did a u-turn and took us there. Worth it.

Offering activities for every age, Boomers! doesn't leave anything out - go karts, mini golf, batting cages, a rock climbing wall, arcade and prize counter, rookie go karts, bumper boats, and of course, junk food.



I love all the palm trees.


He won, needless to say.





We got into these bumper boats without fully understanding how to play the game. "So...what are we supposed to do?"

Spray each other with scummy swamp water, right in the mouth sometimes, for 5 minutes straight. Aaaaaand go!

No, this wasn't the best idea during the middle of a 4 hour road trip, but we'd already paid for tickets, so game on! A little swamp water never killed anybody...did it?


We didn't stay to play a round of mini golf, but I wish we had! I was so impressed by the elaborate houses near each hole and their inventive use of the local hilly topography to add complexity to each course. Well done Boomers!


Have you ever seen such a beautiful mini golf course?





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