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Pineapple – Decorative Gold Easel

I found this adorable children’s book about the different regions of California at a shop in Santa Barbara, and display it on a gold pineapple…


Pineapple Carnitas at Cult Taco in Monterey

“California cuisine through a Oaxacan lens.” – Chef Michelle Estigoy Welcome to Cult Taco in historic downtown Monterey, California! Please step up to the touchscreen…


Tour Our Adorable Pineapple Cottage

At some point, I started collecting pineapples and never stopped. What you’re about to witness is only a FRACTION of the pineapple things I own,…


Pineapple – Jar and Pop Art

Shout out to the incredibly talented artist who made this wacky artwork for my living room walls – mister Bryan West! Check out more of…


Color Factory pops up in San Francisco

I’ll keep this brief because the photos speak for themselves. Founded by the delightfully colorful creators of the Oh Happy Day blog, Color Factory in…


Swedish Vibes in Santa Cruz

A walk through downtown Santa Cruz reveals what you’d expect – hippie-dippie clothing shops, vegan eateries and artisan coffee nooks galore. But unceremoniously nestled at…