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3 Places to Hydrate in Morgan Hill

Welcome to Morgan Hill, California, the rapidly expanding south valley city that started as a bedroom community for Silicon Valley, but is quickly asserting itself…


18th Barrel, Beer & Wine Tasting Room

Taste the best of both barrels. – 18th Barrel Tasting Room Bye bye Napa Valley, hello Central Coast. The fertile soil between San Jose and…

Vertigo Coffee Roasters – Local Delight

As residents of San Juan Bautista, we’re often asked “Do you like living in a small town? Isn’t it quiet and uneventful? What do you…


Pineapple – Highball Glass and Izze

Sometimes the best way to enjoy a pineapple drink is straight out of another pineapple. Pineapple highball glass (set of 4) from Marshalls. Sparkling Pineapple…


Sanseveria – Keep Calm and Eat A Bagel

Sanseveria Bagelsalon stands for classic bagels and bagels with a twist. What are bagels? Never heard about it?! They are a kind of American ‘sandwich’, richly invested according…


Swedish Vibes in Santa Cruz

A walk through downtown Santa Cruz reveals what you’d expect – hippie-dippie clothing shops, vegan eateries and artisan coffee nooks galore. But unceremoniously nestled at…