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Pineapple – Decorative Gold Easel

I found this adorable children’s book about the different regions of California at a shop in Santa Barbara, and display it on a gold pineapple…


Pineapple – Fancy Earrings

As you can imagine, my pineapple jewelry collection is extensive, but some pieces are more practical than others. I can’t walk around bejeweled with heavy…


Pineapple – Jewelry Box

When I finally became tired of shoving my jewelry into plastic baggies while packing for travel near and far, I pulled out this lovely mini…


Pineapple – Christmas Tree Ornaments

We keep our Christmas tree pretty simple – a few sparkly golden balls, some glitter-covered gem and snowflake shapes, and of course, pineapple ornaments. How…


Pineapple – Gold Barrette

Like I said, I love my golden pineapple accents, like this dainty pineapple barrette. Want one for yourself? You can buy it here on Amazon.


Pineapple – Gold Cactus Frame

I was fortunate enough to find this beautiful metallic gold frame with the pineapple artwork already inside. You’re coming to my house, pineapple art! You’re…


Pineapple – Jewelry and Ceramic Bowls

Can you spot all the pineapples in this hide and seek scene? I’ll give you a hint – the ceramic bowls are from Marshalls. There…


Pineapple – Wedding Hairpiece

I wore this in my hair on my wedding day – the hairpiece, not the gold pineapple candle. Beautiful, right?


Pineapple – She Sells Sea Shells

Hand-twisted wire pineapple: from Junior Ruckdeschell. Green sea shell greeting cards: Monterey Bay Aquarium gift shop.


Pineapple – Fiji Sweet Creams

These pineapple-themed sweet cream lotions and potions from Bath and Body Works practically turn ME into a pineapple. Which, of course, I love. And hey!…


Pineapple – Sparkler Disco Cup

What better way to reflect on this Disco Pineapple Sipper Cup from Urban Outfitters than with a little sparkle! Shine bright like a pineapple.


Pineapple – Golden Book Ends

I’ve seen a variety of pineapple book end options in my favorite stores, but none caught my eye like these solid-metal golden beauties from Target.…