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Pineapple – Fancy Earrings

As you can imagine, my pineapple jewelry collection is extensive, but some pieces are more practical than others. I can’t walk around bejeweled with heavy…


Pineapple – Wristwatch

This lovely yellow pineapple wristwatch goes with everything I wear, as you can see, because I’m always wearing pineapples!


Pineapple – Jewelry Box

When I finally became tired of shoving my jewelry into plastic baggies while packing for travel near and far, I pulled out this lovely mini…


Tour Our Adorable Pineapple Cottage

At some point, I started collecting pineapples and never stopped. What you’re about to witness is only a FRACTION of the pineapple things I own,…


Pineapple – Gold Barrette

Like I said, I love my golden pineapple accents, like this dainty pineapple barrette. Want one for yourself? You can buy it here on Amazon.


Pineapple – Jewelry and Ceramic Bowls

Can you spot all the pineapples in this hide and seek scene? I’ll give you a hint – the ceramic bowls are from Marshalls. There…


Pineapple – Monochrome Purse

Nine West bag from Marshalls. Pineapple key chain from Walmart (yes, Walmart!).


Pineapple – Vintage Color-Blocking

I bought this amazing watch from Swatch while waiting at the airport for my flight home from Amsterdam. How could I resist that amazing color…