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NightLife – California Academy of Sciences

Our mission is to explore, explain, and sustain life on earth. ( Strolling through Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, you’ll recognize the typical neighborhood…


Take the Jelly Belly Factory Tour

Welcome to the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, California! On this self-guided tour, you’ll learn all about Jelly Belly’s four-generation candy-making history, the company’s love…


A day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Watch these sea nettle jellies float around in live action, here on the Monterey Bay Aquarium website! Mesmerizing, isn’t it? Growing up in California, I…


Honeymoon in Seattle / Portland (Pt 3)

You’ve made it to the final chapter of our honeymoon story! To recap: one year after the craziest wedding of all time, Brandon and I…


Honeymoon in Seattle / Portland (Pt 2)

Oh good, you’re back for more adventure! Continue on to read Part 2 of our honeymoon #selfietrip to Seattle and Portland. To go back and…


NSFW – Body Worlds in Amsterdam

NSFW – NOT SAFE FOR WORK This blog post contains images of human cadavers and various human private parts/genitalia in a museum environment, so if…


Color Factory pops up in San Francisco

I’ll keep this brief because the photos speak for themselves. Founded by the delightfully colorful creators of the Oh Happy Day blog, Color Factory in…