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Kayaking Through Jellyfish at the Elkhorn Slough

The Monday of Labor Day weekend seemed like a great time to rent kayaks with my favorite people and glide through the salty waters of…


Guide to Mexican Riviera Cruise Excursions

Look at us – so happy, so sun-kissed. Planning our holiday cruise nine months in advance, we had plenty of time to research and pre-book…


Mt. Hermon Christian Retreat Center

Situated among the ancient redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains, Mount Hermon has served as a peaceful retreat for more than 100 years. Anyone and…


Ostrich Land – Wild Muppet Dinosaurs

I still can’t believe we found this place. On my way to Santa Barbara with Brandon and my brother Josh, we planned to stop by…


Honeymoon in Seattle / Portland (Pt 3)

You’ve made it to the final chapter of our honeymoon story! To recap: one year after the craziest wedding of all time, Brandon and I…


Sleeping In The Santa Cruz Redwoods

Brandon knows how much I love treehouses. I talk incessantly about building one in our front yard and living in it. What’s more magical than…


Scaling Foggy Fremont Peak

This is my brother Josh. He’s modeled for my camera for years and is always a good sport about bringing his A-game brooding model face…


Workin’ it in Ensenada Mexico #selfietrip

*Disclaimer: This was a #selfietrip. Sometimes when photographers go out into the real world to have real experiences, they leave their fancy cameras and lenses…