The Superbowl of Flowers – California Spring Trials!


Every year, bigwigs of the flower industry fly in from all around the world to California Spring Trials (CAST) to ponder the latest floral innovations and genetic improvements. It’s at this week-long plant extravaganza that marketers and breeders proudly reveal their newest and best creations – flowers that are longer-lasting, are available in new colors, are more pest-resistant, are more vibrant, are more symmetrical, etc.

Yes, for all you sportzers out there, this is truly the Superbowl of Flowers. And the competition is real. Syngenta Flowers in Gilroy, California is one of dozens of flower breeders that present their enticing updates to try and win over the growers who are making next year’s buying decisions. Growers who supply flowers to big-name brands like Walmart, Lowe’s, and The Home Depot.

So why am I writing about this random, but beautiful, international flower affair?

Because CAST is special to me, and to my husband Brandon. Brandon works for Syngenta Flowers and was one of the marketing masterminds behind this incredible event, as he is every year. And I led the team of designers who made all the lovely signage for CAST! We’re both so lucky to have fun jobs that culminate in fabulous events like this.

So scroll through and enjoy the fruits of our labors! This year’s theme was “California Dreaming”, and took visitors on a tour around California, one region at a time.

If you’re interested in seeing CAST in live action, here’s a fun video to watch.


Custom-made California centerpiece created with snowboards, surfboards, and skateboards, covered in made-sculpted ceramic flowers.


Sunfinity sunflowers


Award-winning Sunfinity display, themed around Northern California’s gold rush country region


Snaptini and Snaptastic snapdragons, themed around the colorful Palm Springs desert


Tophat begonias, themed around fabulous Hollywood, California


Moxie! geraniums, theme around the California Central Coast’s strawberry fields region


Syngenta’s newest variety of Perennials, themed around California’s magnificent redwood forests


Can you spot the friendly coyote? Aren’t those stump planters adorable??



Cabrio calibrachoa, themed around the Santa Cruz, California surfing scene


Kwik Kombos flower combinations, themed around San Francisco, California


Calliope geraniums, themed around the northern alpine area of Mt. Shasta


Genius rain decorations in the all-white New Varieties room



Madinia dipladenia Cafe outdoor seating


Charming coffee cart for the Madinia Cafe, courtesy of Tinker Tin Trailer Co. from Paso Robles. You can rent one of their vintage trailers for your events too!


Deltini violas, themed around stunning Yosemite National Park


Delta Speedy pansies, themed after iconic Route 66, which starts in Santa Monica, California



Dining area


The main man himself. So proud of Brandon and his hard work at CAST. Photo credit to, a agriculture news source from The Netherlands who interviewed Brandon about CAST.

Now you’ve seen it all! Hope you’ve enjoyed this tour through my favorite place to be – California.


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