Tricycle Pizza’s Food Truck Journey



Wood-fired oven inside the original food truck that started it all.


Of all the food truck meals I’ve eaten in my life (countless, I assure you), I’ve never witnessed a wood-fired pizza oven in a vehicle. It just sounds dangerous! But Tricycle Pizza in Monterey, California has it figured out. Their oven can safely get as hot as 900 degrees to create their toasty pies

I didn’t know what to expect from a food truck pizza. Would it be bland and cardboard-y? Would they secretly unwrap frozen pizza and pass it off as their own? No and no. The savory salty sausage on this classic Pepperoni Pizza blew my mind with every bite. See those large dollops of mozzarella? Mmm, melt in your mouth. Every ingredient was fresh and handled with care on the special all-glass truck while I waited. No tricks for them to hide – I could see the whole process!

Owner Danica Alvarado and her twin sister opened Tricycle Pizza in 2012 with a different kind of food truck perspective, focused on great ingredients. Now, with her truck situated next to permanent indoor and outdoor seating, Danica continues to surprise her guests with crisp design, explosive flavors, and a unique dining experience.

After you’re as full as a stuffed-crust, take the family over to the Monterey Bay Aquarium or to Cannery Row for some sweet treats and shopping, just blocks away from Tricycle Pizza.




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With this clean, modern outdoor seating space, you’d never know there is a 7-Eleven right next door. Not pictured: a cute children’s area, complete with a kid-sized gravel digger toy to keep them busy! It’s gated off so the little ones can’t run away while you enjoy your slice.


Spacious indoor seating for when it’s overcast and chilly in Monterey.



So cute, right? The bablettes can enjoy making imaginary pizza with felt toppings while you chow down on the real thing.


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