Water+Leaves, Rescued Honey By The Sea


I visited Water + Leaves on a rainy coastal morning, when Fisherman’s Wharf was bustling with delivery people carting in fresh produce to the harbor-viewing restaurants. This tea bar/coffee shop at the end of the wharf was quiet and clean, with a single barista behind the counter. A bearded man sat in the corner and offered to move as I took photos nearby, and then surprised me by introducing himself as the owner, Greg Mckrill, and saying he would make me his signature sage honey latte. Each step in the latte-making process was distinct and personal, as you’ll see below. It all starts with local honey and bee pollen, collected from hives of rescued bees. In rich, dark hues, the honey drips slowly into the espresso glass; the base for a sweet, creamy pick-me-up.

Everything about Water + Leaves is this way – thoughtful, wholesome, and very Californian.

Much better than sugar or artificial sweeteners, one of our unique offerings at Water and Leaves is our six different flavors of honey on tap. That’s right, on tap… We have created 6 giant vats (2500 lbs total) of locally source raw natural honey with food safe titanium rods in them that keep our honey at room temperature so it can be poured into just about any drink. You’ll have to see it to believe it. (waterandleaves.com)


Local, Central Coast honey, sourced within 40 miles of Water + Leaves in Monterey. Collected from hives of bees that were rescued from damaged environments and relocated to new, healthy homes.



Honey Latte in 7 steps.

Step 1: Honey of choice at the bottom.

Step 2: Brew the espresso layers, made with fresh Pillow Fight espresso beans from Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters.



Step 3: Milk of choice (dairy, almond, soy), steamed with local bee pollen for an added crunch.


Step 4: Stir to combine honey and espresso.

Step 5: Pour into wide-brimmed mug.

Step 6: Swirl in steamed milk.

Step 7: “Every bee needs a flower” finishing touches.



Patio view, overlooking the Monterey Bay harbor and seaside walking trail.


Love the unique mood lighting.



Dirty Chocolate Chai – made with chai tea, a shot of espresso, and habanero pepper powder for a spicy kick with every sip!

If you’re looking for other Water + Leaves drinks with surprising twists, I suggest the Nitro Chai Tea and Nitro Cold Brew, which are both carbonated. So fun!


A calm view from every angle.


You’ve never seen tea brewed like this before, where science meets comforting flavors.


Triple-steeped Lemon Ginger Tea (licorice root, turmeric, ginger, black tea, lemon) in the digital Alphadominche Steampunk tea system. Water + Leaves offers several tea types – black, green, white, and herbal.


Chamomile flower tea.




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