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In-N-Out Burger – A California Icon


Yes, this is a blog post about a fast food restaurant. No, this isn’t just any fast food place. It’s In-N-Out Burger!

I love all the palm trees here in California. They represent the breezy, sunny lifestyle we live everyday, which is probably why they are In-N-Out Burger’s symbol of choice for its iconic yellow, white, and red branding (not to be confused with McDonald’s red and yellow branding).

With my marketing spectacles on, I see what makes In-N-Out so unique among the line up of fast food burger places surrounding it – clean, impactful branding, crazy fresh food, and speedy quick service. Its simple, no-nonsense menu makes ordering easy, which decreases wait time and allows the restaurant to offer a few reliably delicious items, instead of dozens of mediocre foods.

On this particular sunny day, I spoke with Tyra, the regional manager who was training employees at the Gilroy, California location. Her descriptions about what the restaurant does for its people behind the scenes blew me away, making it an even more amazing place to support. First of all, entry-level employees are paid well above minimum wage, which she says increases workers’ happiness and productivity, which in turn, creates a better experience for the customer, and you guessed it, makes the business more money! It’s a downstream effect which seems like a no-brainer that other restaurants should consider.

To top it off, the In-N-Out corporate office helps their employees find childcare, assists with education, and basically offers a warm hug when anyone needs it. Happy people = better burgers.


In-N-Out’s fresh, sustainable promises:

  • All burgers are made with fresh beef that’s never frozen.
  • All products are wrap in paper, not plastic, and have been since 1948.
  • All buns are made without preservatives the old fashioned way – from real sponge dough.
  • All lettuce is hand-leafed every day.
  • All fries are peeled and diced daily from fresh, whole potatoes.
  • All fries are always cooked fresh in 100% sunflower oil.

Read about what exactly is in In-N-Out’s food here.



My meal of choice: The #2 with an ice-cold root beer.

Want to mix things up? Order your burger animal-style for a heaping helping of sweet caramelized onions.




Classic California artwork to bring you back in time and make you smile.

Read about In-N-Out’s nearly 75-year history here. This place has perfected the burger and fries experience!


Palm trees! So simple, yet so memorable.


This is why you won’t see an In-N-Out chillin’ in Nebraska or Massachusetts. Those palm trees are loyal to sunny climates.


The Double-Double freshness story:

The Double-Double. To call it “fresh” would be an understatement. We’ve been serving it up the exact same way since the very first one hit the grill. With the freshest, highest-quality ingredients – not one of which has ever seen a freeze, heat lamp, or microwave. An order of pure, delicious, hot-off-the-grill satisfaction.


You really, really can.



If you haven’t come out to California yet to enjoy an In-N-Out Burger meal, start booking that flight.