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Scaling Foggy Fremont Peak


This is my brother Josh. He’s modeled for my camera for years and is always a good sport about bringing his A-game brooding model face to our photo shoots, even on a chilly mountain top at 6 am.

On this Saturday morning, we drove up to Fremont Peak bright and early, hoping to capture a beautiful California sunrise over the ocean, but then we remembered the sun rises in the East (duh) and we encountering thick fog instead. Even better!

The fog created a mysterious backdrop for the scraggly winter trees and long, spiderweb-filled grass. At the steepest points, it looked like if we jumped off into the abyss, we would never stop falling. It was also pretty eerie that we could hear mooing close by from brave mountain cows, but couldn’t see them.

The fog began melting away as we reached the summit, and we could finally see the famous shoreline we knew was out there – Monterey Bay, 26 miles away. The sun had emerged without the drama of a golden sunrise, but the view was still breathtaking.

Fremont Peak is one of the reasons I love living in San Juan Bautista. My town is nestled in the hills below this historic mountain top, and on most days you can see the TV and radio towers crowning the rock, transmitting to homes all across the Central Coast.

Climbing to the top of this 3,173 foot monster is actually way easier that you would think. Because of the tower stations, and because Fremont Peak is a Historic California Landmark with a campsite for tourists, the parking lot is just a few hundred feet down from the tippy top. It’s only a 20 minute ascent, let’s be real. Still, Josh and I felt like serious hikers scaling the boulders on all fours, daring to look down.

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