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Honeymoon in Seattle / Portland (Pt 2)

Oh good, you’re back for more adventure! Continue on to read Part 2 of our honeymoon #selfietrip to Seattle and Portland. To go back and read Part 1 click here, or skip to Part 3 here.

*Disclaimer: This was a #selfietrip. Sometimes when photographers go out into the real world to have real experiences, they leave their fancy cameras and lenses at home to enjoy the little moments as they happen. This was one of those trips. Feel free to excuse yourself now if you can’t handle looking at two people, madly in love, taking face-photos together.


Located right below the Space Needle (like, RIGHT below it), Chihuly Garden and Glass is the culmination of Dale Chihuly’s colorful vision and glass sculpting skills. His artwork, ranging in size, shape, and pattern, looks like treasures from another planet. View more amazing photos of the indoor/outdoor exhibit here.





The “Original Starbucks” store opened in 1971 in Pike Place Market, but with a long line snaking around the block, we opted for a slightly different Starbucks experience while in Seattle. With dozens of storefronts scattered around the city proper, Seattle can boast having the most Starbucks shops per capita, with 23 shops for every 100,000 residents. At Seattle’s current population, that means more than 160 stores JUST in the city alone. So yeah, we passed a few. But none were as extra as the Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room.

An impressive, vaulted space with a serious factory vibe, the Reserve contains huge bean roasters taking up half the building, for a behind-the-scenes peek of the coffee roasting process. At this location, once the beans are done roasting, they swirl through copper pipes and land in the polished steampunk dispensers below.

You may recognize the star and “R” on mugs at your local Starbucks. Well, this is the mother store for all that fancy swag. We were served from a stand-alone island in the center of the room, surrounded by bar stools. I’m not a huge black coffee fan, but during this special visit, we sipped on The Origin Flight, a three-part experience of light to dark coffee shots sourced from around the globe, served in individual decanters.

See more Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room here.






Another fun surprise that we stumbled upon – the Jones Soda headquarters! We first thought Jones might have a factory tour to explore (we LOVE factory tours), but after entering what was clearly a regular office space, the kind receptionist offered to give us a few sodas (for $1 each) as a parting gift. Score! Oh well, maybe we can visit the real Jones Soda factory next time, wherever that is.


The Fremont Troll! This quirky cement art installation was the winner of a city-wide contest to figure out how to deter ruffians and drug dealers from hanging out beneath the overpass. What a fun idea!

Before we switch over to the Portland side of this honeymoon, here are a few more fun adventures we went on in Seattle, but didn’t nab a photo of:

The trip continues! This is a Pacific Northwest Tour in three parts. Read “Honeymoon in Seattle / Portland (Part 3)” here, or skip back to Part 1 here.