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Tour Our Adorable Pineapple Cottage


At some point, I started collecting pineapples and never stopped. What you’re about to witness is only a FRACTION of the pineapple things I own, and that Brandon graciously lets me display in our tiny 800 square foot cottage. Welcome to our home!

Let’s start in the bedroom – aka “The Pineapple Room”. This is our quiet haven away from all distraction. With blackout curtains and no TV, this room is strictly for peaceful rest. Contributing to that is my sunrise alarm clock, as you can see. I was tired of being jolted awake every morning by startling phone alarms, so we bought this incredible clock. It gently wakes us up with natural light that gradually grows brighter over a 20 minute span, before emitting some faint bird chirping sounds exactly at the alarm time, in case we’re not already awake. Voilà! Every morning is a happy morning.


Sparkly golden pineapple bed sheets, of course!


For my birthday a few years ago, my amazing coworker Kaysea spent HOURS cutting out, drawing on, and taping together these paper pineapples to decorate my office desk. I couldn’t just throw away all her hard work when my birthday was over, so now they live on my bedroom ceiling. Thanks Kaysea!


You’ll notice all the wall art in our bedroom is pineapples. I’ve done this as a quarantine to try and limit the pineapple-influence around the rest of the house.

We recently bought this extra clothing rack because our “walk-in office closet” was packed tight. Now, all our pants, shorts, fancy suits, and heavy outerwear, along with my heels, live in our bedroom.


Everyone asks about the paper crane art above our bed, which are made of metallic gold and light blue washi tape. Because California is prone to earthquakes, and we live on the San Andreas Fault line, I didn’t think it was wise to hang any picture frames above our bed.

Notice our fun walk-through bathroom? The master bedroom was an add-on after the original house was built, which is why we have this funky living room to bathroom to bedroom situation, and why you step down to enter the bedroom. Along with the vaulted, angular ceilings in the bedroom, I think it adds character to this very unique house.



This main room contains my standing office, our dining room, and the living room. We’re proud of all the diverse art we’ve collected over the past four years, including many pieces by our super talented husband and wife artist friends, Bryan West and Ana Kahana.

We’re also proud of our stacked wedding photos, even the weird beheaded one on the bottom. Hey, it’s a conversation starter!


What else would I put on this window sill? Pineapples, of course!


Artwork by Bryan West (left) and Ana Kahana (right).


Welcome to my office.


Gotta stay organized.


I’m a piler, guilty of piling papers and sticky notes all over my desk, so sorting paper scraps and ink pens into these handy mugs helps keep me organized.


From this angle, you can see into every room of the house. Crazy, right? I told you it’s a tiny house! Kitchen on the right, office/closet in the middle, and bathroom on the left, which leads to the master bedroom, behind that closed door.

We fell in love with this house for many reasons, including the amazing vaulted ceiling and exposed beams in this room. So much character! This wall contains mostly vintage field drawing artwork we’ve collected, plus a gorgeous limited-edition Monterey Bay Aquarium wall hanging we bought in San Luis Obispo. Click here to see it up close.

Yes, that a banana curtain at the entrance of our kitchen, effectively keeping our living room warm during the winter when the wall heater is on and cool during the summer when we’re using the oven in the other room. With all the other strange art in here, the bananas fit right in.


These pineapple ornaments normally hang on our Christmas tree, but I love displaying them the rest of the year too.


Who says throw pillows have to match? Not me! We’re big fans of the primary colors in this house.

Because this living/dining room is so long and narrow, we didn’t want one bulky three-seater couch, so we opted for two loveseats and created this living room area within the larger space, adding a rug to make it feel like its own room.

On the left, you can see the only built-in closet in the whole house, which we use for storing towels, linens, books, my jewelry, knick knacks, and throw blankets.


Another fabulous piece of art by Bryan West (left).


My pineapple enamel pins – a collection within a collection. So meta.


More framed artwork from the lovely Ana Kahana. Plus octopus art I made out of old CDs back in high school.


In a tiny house, every inch of space is valuable, so I hang my purses on the wall.

If you didn’t already notice, our main color palate for decor is blue, yellow, black and gold, which (not so) coincidentally matches most of the clothing, jewelry, shoes and purses I own.



Everything can be pineapple shaped, if you really try.



Our open-concept closet made from metal pipes. The house is old and didn’t come with any closet space, so we built our own when we moved in. This room serves as both our walk-in closet and as Brandon’s office.





We LOVE our kitchen. Even though the house is small, the kitchen is very spacious. This is definitely our plant zone, courtesy of Brandon’s dedicated green thumb.



Brandon’s domain. I don’t do dishes in this house!

The bulletin board by the front door is very handy – it holds our weekly grocery list and inspirational quotes, all pinned on with metallic gold pineapple thumb tacks. Not sure where to drop your house keys after getting home? Just throw them in the silver pineapple bowl by the door!



I’m a sucker for pretty California art. Our state has such a distinct shape.


My tribute art corner for mementos from California, Seattle, and Wes Anderson. If you haven’t noticed by now, when I see a blank wall, I fill it with art!

Thanks for visiting our cottage!