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Cruising the Mexican Riviera Aboard Norwegian

Surfing through cruise deals online one day in March, we stumbled across an amazing early bird offer from Norwegian Cruise Line – four tickets for…


The Colorful Country of Guatemala

I’ve only been out of the United States a handful of times – Fiji, Mexico, Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland (well, the airport) – but…


Guide to Mexican Riviera Cruise Excursions

Look at us – so happy, so sun-kissed. Planning our holiday cruise nine months in advance, we had plenty of time to research and pre-book…


Honeymoon in Seattle / Portland (Pt 3)

You’ve made it to the final chapter of our honeymoon story! To recap: one year after the craziest wedding of all time, Brandon and I…


Honeymoon in Seattle / Portland (Pt 2)

Oh good, you’re back for more adventure! Continue on to read Part 2 of our honeymoon #selfietrip to Seattle and Portland. To go back and…


Honeymoon in Seattle / Portland (Pt 1)

One year after saying “I do,” Brandon and I finally took our official honeymoon – destinations Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Having both separately lived…


NSFW – Body Worlds in Amsterdam

NSFW – NOT SAFE FOR WORK This blog post contains images of human cadavers and various human private parts/genitalia in a museum environment, so if…


Sanseveria – Keep Calm and Eat A Bagel

Sanseveria Bagelsalon stands for classic bagels and bagels with a twist. What are bagels? Never heard about it?! They are a kind of American ‘sandwich’, richly invested according…


Workin’ it in Ensenada Mexico #selfietrip

*Disclaimer: This was a #selfietrip. Sometimes when photographers go out into the real world to have real experiences, they leave their fancy cameras and lenses…