Honeymoon in Seattle / Portland (Pt 1)

One year after saying “I do,” Brandon and I finally took our official honeymoon – destinations…


Pineapple – Monochrome Purse

Nine West bag from Marshalls. Pineapple key chain from Walmart (yes, Walmart!).


Sleeping In The Santa Cruz Redwoods

Brandon knows how much I love treehouses. I talk incessantly about building one in our front…


Pineapple – Highball Glass and Izze

Sometimes the best way to enjoy a pineapple drink is straight out of another pineapple. Pineapple…


NSFW – Body Worlds in Amsterdam

NSFW – NOT SAFE FOR WORK This blog post contains images of human cadavers and various…


Pineapple – Vintage Color-Blocking

I bought this amazing watch from Swatch while waiting at the airport for my flight home…


Enjoy Seoul Korean in Vietnam Town

It’s Friday night. You’re looking for a place to simultaneously eat sweet/savory Korean BBQ and watch…


Pineapple – Makeup Pouch, Gold Accents

You can never have enough gold accessories! Pineapple cloth bag from Zoes Bag Boutique on Etsy.…


Small Bites At The White Hart Tea Room

Turning 29 again is always a special occasion, so I treated my mom (the birthday girl)…


Pineapple – Ornaments on Olive Trees

A couple of sweet boys from high school gave me this metal pineapple ornament years ago.…


Color Factory pops up in San Francisco

I’ll keep this brief because the photos speak for themselves. Founded by the delightfully colorful creators…


Pineapple – She Sells Sea Shells

Hand-twisted wire pineapple: from Junior Ruckdeschell. Green sea shell greeting cards: Monterey Bay Aquarium gift shop.


Sanseveria – Keep Calm and Eat A Bagel

Sanseveria Bagelsalon stands for classic bagels and bagels with a twist. What are bagels? Never heard about it?! They…


Pineapple – Fiji Sweet Creams

These pineapple-themed sweet cream lotions and potions from Bath and Body Works practically turn ME into…


iFly – Skydiving Your Mom Approves Of

Yep, that’s me, smiling like an idiot, floating four feet above the earth on 130 mph…


Pineapple – Girly Eyelash Cup

Cutesy things like this make me smile. And my smile gets even bigger when cutesy things…


Prickly Gardens of Jardines de San Juan

San Juan Bautista, a small town nestled in the golden hills just south of Gilroy, is…


Pineapple – Sparkler Disco Cup

What better way to reflect on this Disco Pineapple Sipper Cup from Urban Outfitters than with…


Swedish Vibes in Santa Cruz

A walk through downtown Santa Cruz reveals what you’d expect – hippie-dippie clothing shops, vegan eateries…


Pineapple – Colorful Macarons

Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows that I love macarons and post about them constantly.…


Scaling Foggy Fremont Peak

This is my brother Josh. He’s modeled for my camera for years and is always a…


Pineapple – Golden Book Ends

I’ve seen a variety of pineapple book end options in my favorite stores, but none caught…


Workin’ it in Ensenada Mexico #selfietrip

*Disclaimer: This was a #selfietrip. Sometimes when photographers go out into the real world to have…


Restaurant / Beverage Collection